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Two Day All Green Detox + 2 Salad
Two Day All Green Detox + 2 Salad
Two Day All Green Detox + 2 Salad
Two Day All Green Detox + 2 Salad
Two Day All Green Detox + 2 Salad
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The All Green Detox has been designed for those looking into drinking mostly vegetables and green juices. This set is lower in calories and lower in fructose (found in fruits) than other detox programs we have at Zenergie.
The All Green Detox is full of ingredients that help our body release toxins that include spirulina - coriander - parsley - celery and ginger.

2 Day All Green Detox includes:
x4 Seasonal Juices (275ml)
x8 Green Juices (275ml)
x2 Vitality shot (60ml)


1. Lower in calorie juices. Less fruits - less calories
2. Balance blood sugar levels
3. Inject a high dose of chlorophyll
4. Get that glow
5. Rehydrate your liver
6. Make you feel Zenergized

We recommend doing this detox if you have had previous experiences in juice cleanses before.

1. As soon as you get your Zenergie package place it in the fridge.
2. Swap your regular food plan with our Zenergie Detox package. All juices have been numbered for you, please drink them accordingly.
3. On your detox day : enjoy salads, soups, raw vegetables, whole fruits if needed ( refer to the detox instruction sheet included in the package for more details)
4. Space out your juices over 12 hrs and leave 2 - 3 hours between each juice
5. Slow down the rhythm of your day and give your body the chance to heal itself as nature intended.
6. Let’s get you #Zenergized